T.K is a small Tel Aviv-based brand, founded in 2015 by Tali Kushnir.

Kushnir designs clothing for both men and women, offering an “at ease” approach to tailored, classic clothing, with a focus on work wear as her inspiration. All of her garments are attentively made in Tel Aviv, in cooperation with local craftsmen and artisans. Kushnir’s clothing offer her personal interpretation to what she calls “The Middle Eastern approach to dressing” – Lightly monastic but existential, sustainable, meek and humble, with a relaxed yet proud Levantine spirit.

Art, fashion and costume history have long had a crucial influence on Kushnir’s work as a designer. The brand’s work process is based on in-depth research in which the team experiments in dismantling, reassembling and simplifying historical patterns. An important part of the process includes a collection of historical documentation of different materials in various media, such as photography, paintings, and locally-made deadstock vintage textiles. Observations made via this growing archive are incorporated into the collections. For the past ten years, Kushnir has also been collecting and selling vintage clothing for men and women and has taken a prominent part in telling the story of local fashion and textile history. The brand’s collections now serve as an evolution of her sustainable biography.

A balancing act between respect for history and the need to innovate, T.K. creates collections that tell a modern story of past times, a middle path towards a better future.